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Company Overview

E-ON 3 Company Ltd is a multi-purpose business entity providing essential business services to Ghanaian businessmen and women as well as foreign investors who are interested to invest in African countries.
We are also a business solution provision, social media and digital marketing company dedicated to creating, planning, and handling services including campaigns, trainings, events and other forms of promotions for companies.
We have partnership with companies worldwide namely Global Investment Management Group (USA), Novel Vision Consulting Group Inc. (USA), Nationwide Group International (USA), B & O Technology (USA), World Wide Call Telecom Inc. (USA) VIP Communications(USA) and ARDA GRUP (Turkey) to create new platforms to facilitate business prospects and opportunities in Africa for all investors around the globe.

To be recognized as sectors of expertise in providing strategic consulting and mobilization of investment resources for the development and execution of growth in businesses in Ghana and across the shores of abroad.

Our ultimate goal is to coordinate and mobilize investment resources both in Ghana and abroad to help the economy in Ghana and Africa. Our experts are well vested and talented in current advanced technology and global business initiatives for the successful implementation of investment proposals.

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