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I wish to welcome you to the website of the Eon3 group. Let me introduce Eon3 to you by first and foremost stating that we are a customer-focused and results drive organization.  As a service organisation the human-touch and professionalism of our offerings are the deciding factors between us and our competitors. Over the years our focus on the customer has translated into some great relationships and long-term partnerships which we shall always hold dear to our hearts as accompany.


Africa has in recent times showed enormous growth potential. This has made it a centre of focus for international financial analyst and business people. A drastic shift towards financial sustainability is currently happening right now in Africa, which is leading many financial analysts to indeed, call it the next emerging market. With the combined African economy expected to grow at double the rate of advanced economies between 2014 and 2019, the potential investment opportunity is unquestionable.


With Africa quickly becoming a viable place for investment, especially when you take into account the production capabilities that come as a result of having the world’s fastest growing population, there will be the need for special services to be provided to this investors. A special market entry facilitation is needed as well as long-term on the grounds support until such a time that the firms are able to gain the much needed grounding on the continent to be able to run without much facilitation- Eon3 has therefore carved a niche for itself in this market segment, offering investment information and market entry services to potential investors in Ghana in particular and Africa as a whole.

Eon3 also provides specialized services in the areas of corporate finance and management consultancy to its clients in Ghana and across the globe.


On this premises I would be most glad to hear from you regarding your intentions to venture unto the African continent and into Ghana- a country gearing itself to become the investment hub of West Africa and hence the gateway to the sub-region.


Mr. Richard Adjei Ofori Atta


Invest in Ghana