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Corporate Finance

Ghana is rapidly becoming the financial services hub of the West African sub-region. Participation in the financial services sector in Ghana has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years culminating in some of the successful mergers

Banking and Finance

Our team have a wealth of experience in the area of credit facility agreements, debt and equity funding, tax management and assisting you with managing and investing your wealth. We provide sound financial advice to

Strategic Communications

Our Executive Director has a vast experience and international reputation in the area of strategic communications and public relations. We advise clients on narrative and message development, issues and crisis management and stakeholder and media

Government Relations

Some of our team members have come to the firm with a deep knowledge of the inner workings of government and priceless network of contacts. We work closely with Cabinet Ministers, Government officials and heads

Media and Strategic Communications

We go the extra mile to promote and protect your reputation and your brand, lobbying and negotiating on your behalf, offering strategic communications, and advising you on crisis and reputation management, for example. We advise


We provide business and management consultancy solutions that help identifying and overcome financial, strategic, operational and organizational challenges in your business to boost returns and increase profitability. We undertake a wide range of services that


Typically, our online reputation management and social media management services require a 6 to 12 month retainer. This provides enough time to develop, implement and measure the results of our clients’ custom social media programs


We explore the feasibility of your project or venture with the use of quantitative and qualitative methods which will ensure overall success by avoiding mistakes as a result of overlooking crucial information. You will receive


Through thorough research and background checks, we ensure that all your prospective orders, contracts, partners, buyers or sellers exist, are legitimate, and operate within the legal framework and comply with desired and streamlined standards. These


Participate in official business and trade missions to/from Ghana and West Africa and increase your exposure to the international market. Meet with local agents, prospective customers, distributors, government and industry officials and get a chance

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