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Typically, our online reputation management and social media management services require a 6 to 12 month retainer. This provides enough time to develop, implement and measure the results of our clients’ custom social media programs and campaigns.  Occasionally, we offer the following independent services based on the availability of our staff.

Social Media Audit

This program includes a comprehensive review of the social media sites  your company is using and specific recommendations for how to increase engagement and profitability.  If you are not currently using any social network, we’ll tell you exactly how to get started with the best social network for your business.  Our recommendation will be based on both your goals and your resources.

LinkedIn Profile and Company Page Review We will review and optimize your existing LinkedIn profile and company page – or create these pages for you if you do not already have them. This package includes: (1) the development and delivery of a keyword optimized profile and company/firm description to significantly increase the placement of your pages in LinkedIn searches; (2) specific recommendations for the LinkedIn groups you should join (based on your business objectives) and exactly what to do when you join and (3) a 30-day plan for action for leverage the power of LinkedIn to have more profitable conversations.
Social Media Pages E on 3 Group will handle the basic set-up and provide branded images for up to three of the following social media sites:  LinkedIn Company page, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page or YouTube.    This includes writing keyword optimized bio and about us pages for each of these accounts. ld and grow businesses.
Business Efficiency Audit:  Online Processes A senior member of our consulting team will spend one full day (up to 10 hours) at your  office accessing the core parts of your company or firm including: client intake process, database management and general business operations system(s). Within 8 weeks of our visit, you will have a detailed plan of action about exactly what you should do to reduce paper, automate routine tasks, hire virtual support and increase your overall efficiency. The combination of these elements will increase your profitability. Why should you listen to E on 3 Group? Because we’ve been advising small business owners and lawyer preneurs, helped businesses and non-profits in Ghana and around the globe to get more done, faster and more efficiently – upon until the present as  we continues to help business owners and lawyer preneurs implement the strategies that we’ve used to build and grow businesses.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Coaching Our team will review your social media profiles, survey your online reputation and audit your existing programs, products and services  to determine your best course of action for building an influential and profitable Internet presence and online brand.  If you are not currently using social marketing in your business, we’ll do an assessment of your target market and develop a strategic plan of action based on the results of our research and analysis.  Once our review and analysis is done, we will provide a strategic action plan that details exactly how to build an online marketing program that attracts, engages and converts your ideal clients to paying clients.   Your customized strategic plan will include strategic plans of actions for: up to the three social networks, email marketing, digital product development, online marketing funnels, paid advertising and more.

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